-We are cost effective and professional. (We care about all your moving needs)
-Commercial Liability Insurance. (We care about your liability)
-Commercial Cargo Insurance. (We care about your shipment)
-Licensed by the NC Public Utilities Commission. (We care about fines)
Frequently Asked Questions
We are a professional, affordable, reliable, hardworking, moving company ready to serve your moving needs.
Are you a licensed mover?
Yes, we are licensed by the state of North Carolina.
Will my household goods be insured?
Yes, we insure your household goods under a Basic Value Protection Policy. This basic insurance coverage is provided free of charge. Some homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for household goods while they are being moved. Please check with your insurance company prior to moving to see if your household goods are covered by your homeowner's policy. If our coverage is not sufficient and your homeowner's insurance policy does not cover your household goods, several third party insurance companies offer moving insurance. P.A.F. Cargo Insurance, 800-541-0700, www.grw-products.com is one such company. Please check with them for supplemental coverage.
**Note: Pressed board, particle board and/or compressed wood furniture is excluded from any coverage because of the nature of the material.
Do you disassemble and reassemble items?
Yes, all quotes assume that some furniture items and appliances will have to be dissembled and reassembled.
Can I leave items in dresser drawers?
Yes, but limit the items to clothes.
What form of payment is accepted?
We accept cash, money orders, personal checks, cashier's checks, or PayPal .
Do all items and clothes need to be boxed?
Yes, all items that can be packed in a box should be boxed including kitchen items, clothes, pictures, lamps and electronics.
What items cannot be transported in your truck?
Anything that can be classified as hazardous material. (Flammables, explosives, guns, ammunition, propane, and fuel are examples of a few items we cannot transport.)
Can you load or unload my rental truck?
Yes, we do provide crews to load/unload your rental truck.
Are there any hidden costs?
No, all costs will be given to you prior to the moving date.
How far in advance should I schedule my move?
The earlier the better, but no matter how short your time line; we will work with you to support your desired move date.
Does your company pack, unpack and assemble furniture and appliances?
Yes, we provide full service packing and we assemble furniture and appliances.
Are you available on the weekends?
We can move you any day of the week.
Do I tip the movers?
You are not obligated to tip. However, if you choose to tip, the gratuity should reflect the quality of the service provided and professionalism of the moving crew.